A Plus: More to Study Skills than a Grade

When you ask me to help you with study skills, here's what I will do for you: I will find out what you are curious about. I will find out what you already do well. I will find the places in your life, big or little, where you are already motivated, passionate, curious, amused, delighted. Where are you totally alive? That is our starting point. My goal is to transfer some of those skills and some of that emotional investment into the area of your studies. I will give you a deeper enjoyment of learning than you have had for a long time, ever since, perhaps, you were a kid poking into odd corners of life to find out what was there. Secondly, I will interview you in depth to find out your goals: where do you see yourself in 5 years? Where are you going? I have a variety of creative ways to draw that out of you. So now we are fueled up with the curiosity about learning, the pleasure of learning, and we have a map to where you want to go. And, when you make your first big success, I will celebrate it with you. You've got support. I will provide both the discipline and the inspiration. Bon voyage!



Michael S.

Improve your English with a Professional

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