Open your mouth and have faith

May I introduce myself. My name is Michael S. I taught writing, grammar and literature at a community college for many years as a full-time instructor. I am now totally comfortable in front of a class. But how did I become so comfortable? I too was nervous in my first days of teaching. My hands would shake, I would sweat. I was afraid I would forget my train of thought in the middle, and there I was standing alone in the front. I was afraid I would say something embarrassing and they would laugh. What do I do with my hands!?

But eventually I learned to connect with the listeners. I learned how to turn the adrenaline into excitement, not nervousness. I learned to enjoy the pauses, where they sit up and want more. I could relish the silences, feeling myself centering for the next idea that would come forth.

I learned that making a mistake is part of the process; people can even love you for your mistakes.

I wish the same for you. You could develop the confidence that you can stand up, connect with the audience, wait in the silence confidently because you know it will come. It will start to flow, you can say it smoothly and clearly, and with heart, with story and with humor. With my help you can speak out, with both courage and technique. You can touch the audience, even those in the back, with your voice and your passion!



Michael S.

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