Dear ESL student:

Perhaps you would like my help to improve your English. You have learned to read and write English in your home country. Perhaps you have a solid foundation with a good knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary. I am guessing that you want to be able to speak more naturally and be understood easily in your daily life in America. I am guessing that you would like to "fit in," and enjoy the easy give and take of casual conversation. Is that so? I would like to help you achieve that. One aspect of this is what I call "fluency," that there is a flow in what you say, that the words seem part of a stream of ideas and feelings.

I would like to help bring you closer to that flow of meaning, where we are listening less with our minds than our hearts and our imaginations. With your prior knowledge of grammar and with my help, you can think and speak more in phrases instead of individual words. The words begin to flow together. There are verb phrases and noun phrases, there are prepositional phrases, participle phrases. Grammar is the basis, but we leave grammar and enter a new land: the province of understanding. Individual words cluster into expressive phrases. Language begins to shine with meaning and feeling. Confidence builds. There is fluency. We belong in a community of connection through language. This is the land of freedom, which we now together co-create.



Michael S.

Improve your English with a Professional

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