Exercise and Eating Well for the New School Year -- Develop Good Habits for This School Year

With the new school year approaching, I was thinking about a recent article I read about the nutritional value of school lunches. Then, I thought about Mayor Bloomberg's idea of banning extra large soft drinks in New York City. I remember the lunch lines (one hundred years ago) when I was in middle school. We all loved Friday because it was Pizza Day! On other days, there was meatballs and pasta. The cafeteria line had cookies and cakes, ice cream and all things that weren't especially good for you. As a kid, I never realized how important good nutrition and exercise was for kids. I recently started my own diet and became more health conscious. And, with tutoring so many athletes and sports minded students, I thought that these students would certainly be mindful of exercise and nutrition. But, many don't. And, that's my concern.

Parents are busy people. Between work, homework, laundry and keeping house, food plays a big role in family life. Now, most kids don't go to school hungry. But, this school year, parents, don't just concern yourself with the homework; instead, make sure your son or daughter is eating healthy in the morning, before school, and during the school day. While many schools encourage healthy eating, they also encourage students to do their homework. Parents need to take the lead in this regard. Here are some tips:

1) Pack a healthy lunch with a healthy snack 4 out of 5 days each week. Cut back on sugars and very salty foods.
2) Insist that there is considerable protein with every lunch.
3) Talk with your pediatrician about your child's blood pressure and nutrition, get solid advice on what foods NOT to serve or keep to a minimum.
4) If your son or daughter is playing sports, speak with your doctor about the amount of exercise your son/daughter will be doing. With some sports, it may be advisable to check with your doctor about getting an EKG and/or other testing that goes beyond the routine back to school physical exam. It is always best to error on the side of safety.
5) Allow for plenty of time for students to get sleep!

If your son or daughter is up way past the time he or she should be sleeping, possibly it is time for a tutor. A tutor can help a student with study skills, test taking skills and just review material to make the learning process easier. With classroom sizes getting large, some students could use that extra support. No child should lose sleep on account of homework! Sleep, like exercise and eating well are all important.

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Robert B.
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Very good post, Robert. I remember a friend who took an exam I had taken and passed. Although she was a smart lady, she didn't pass her test. Instead of eating a good meal before taking her test, she went shopping instead. Guess who didn't pass? I always like to make sure my students have had a healthy snack before we work, especially after school. I find that young people do so much better when they have eaten a good snack or a good meal. Thank you for that nice post. Good to get to meet you, fellow tutor. Peace and many blessings, Annie


Robert B.


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