Learning Isn't A Destination

When I was going through my teacher certification courses, one of the catch phrases in the late 1990s was, "to create life long learning or learners." As I entered the classroom for the first time, I was thinking, "how do I get students to love to learn and become life long learners." My first challenge, was to figure out how to get them to become 42-minute learners. I figured if I couldn't get them to learn something in 42-minutes, how was I EVER, EVER going to teach them to learn something during the course of their entire lives.

Looking back ten years, I think that teaching isn't about finding answers to questions; but rather, finding great questions to answer. A great teacher moves students in the direction of asking great questions and creates a synergy within the classroom that enables each student to answer their own questions. I believe that every student has a heart, has a passion, a will and a wish. As students move through their formal educations, their ideas change along with their circumstances, economic, social, physical and constitutional. Students are shaped by their opportunities just as they are by their lack of them. Challenging students to ask great questions and showing them how to find the answers is what education is about.

If the spark isn't in the classroom. Let me show you how you, the parent, can find one within your child and then kindle that flame within yourself to give your son or daughter limitless opportunities. Learning isn't a destination; it's a journey that begins with your child's important question. Squaring your child's question with the world of academia (your child's school) is what I do as a tutor. Making their school work important to the student is what I do as a teacher and tutor. As a teacher, my light is kindled by my students. I pray that my instruction will give all my students the courage, the discipline, the inquisitiveness to ask great questions as well as the social and reasoning skills to answer them.

Robert B.



Robert B.

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