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I was listening to the radio last night. Coming home from a tutoring session, I sometimes put on my XM Radio and listen to the news. I never have time to really sit down and watch the TV anymore. I was scanning the radio channels, and I don't even know which station or channel it was that I was listening to. But, the announcer was talking about how to get your child to listen to you -- to actually mind the parent. I began to think, just what has caused parents to not have control over the behavior of their children? What is the message that parents are sending to their children?

I flipped the station/channel to listen to someone else tell me that if I could get rid of all my debts and my mortgage through their special method of eliminating debt. When I got home, I opened my mail. In my mail was a newspaper that had a kids section. I looked at the kids section to discover the many things that some children were doing to help others who were less fortunate. From toy drives to bake sales to other good turns, these kids were doing something to make the world a better place. They showed that they cared about others. And, that got me to think.

The first radio show told me that parents have no control over their kids (at list some of them), that their kids don't listen when they speak. The first radio announcer has a product to help them gain control over their kids just as the second announcer has a product to eliminate financial debt. I seriously doubt that either of these products will, independently and easily, produce the desired result for those who purchase the product or engage the service. But, I bet, more bake sales and toy drives and acts of kindness will go along way towards making life for someone else a lot easier and brighter this Holiday Season.

How do we enable our children to do well? How do we motivate them to do well when it comes to their school work? Do we pay attention to our children's spirit? Do we delight in their good nature? Do we enable them to make good choices? Do we pick them up when they fall? Do we encourage them to do better? Do we really need a guide for disciplining our children? Do we really believe that there is such a program that will eliminate our financial debts?

Our daily interactions with our children can make all the difference. How do we inspire our kids? How do we teach our kids? Are we the role model we should be?

Let me suggest that all children come learning enabled. The challenges for learning can be overcome by those who commit themselves to meet them. Helping our children learn more, do more, help others who are less fortunate are all worthy of our time and effort. And, when we invest in tutoring, we are investing in our child's future. This holiday season, give your child the gift of your time, your love and if needed, academic tutoring to help him or her become an even better student. Learning enabled with strong academic support. Learn how you too can help your child with special needs. Learn how you can help your child improve his grades. These things don't have a simple solution that you can buy from the radio, tv, or Internet. However, with my help and your commitment to your child, you could be that bright light, that strong arm of support that your child needs this Holiday Season.

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As one writing tutor to another, well said, Robert. Well said.
Excellent post, Robert! I believe that all children are born hungry to learn in some format or other, be they regular children or special needs children with whom I have had the pleasure of working. It is the way, over time, that that hunger is changed so that children are either afraid of learning or they do not have a respect for what it can mean in their quality of life. As adults, we can provide an appetizer for that hunger to return. I have worked with some pretty tough students who were hardened against learning anything new. But when I showed an honest interest in their lives and feelings, they responded in the most rewarding way. I think as tutors, we are in a unique position to help shape the lives of students, be they preschoolers or teenagers, or even challenged adults. It is such a joyful task to work as a tutor, knowing full well that we do have the power to change lives in a positive and meaningful manner. Thank you again for the great post. Peace and many blessings, Annie


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