Encouragement and Discipline

Parents -- this blog post is for you!

Encouragement and discipline are key to success. Be it a sport, an academic subject or even a musical instrument or other skill. Students thrive when they are encouraged to become more disciplined with their efforts. High achievers focus, practice and thrive on successes. Athletes feel great when they are at the top of their game. Superior chefs feel a great sense of pride when their food is enjoyed by their guests. Everyone feels good when others sing their praise.

Over the summer, I saw a commercial for Major League Baseball that showed, a San Francisco Giant pitcher learning to pitch from his father. His father encouraged him to pitch well, provided him with lessons and provided discipline to move his son through the learning process. Today, this particular pitcher is one of the best in baseball. During the World Series, many players noted discipline and encouragement from coaches and family members as reasons for their success.

If your son or daughter could be doing better academically, ask yourself whether you are doing everything you can to encourage them? If your son or daughter has a hard time completing assignments, ask yourself if they are falling behind because they're not disciplined? Have you set reasonable expectations for your child? What kind of support can you give them? Perhaps, you can read with them for 15-minutes each morning or work on math problems 10-minutes before bedtime? Working with your child one-on-one -- parent-child can foster a very strong and close relationship with your child. You taking your time to help with studies sends a clear message of the importance of school work. Taking a disciplined approach to completing one or two assignments/activities with your child every other night with a fun activity sandwiched in-between can be a great way to foster independence and build stronger relationship that is based on trust and encourages self-discipline.

If your son or daughter is falling behind, a tutor can help bring him or her up to speed, help him or her to develop the self-discipline he or she needs to do well. Sometimes, working one-on-one, a student can learn what he or she couldn't learn in the group setting. Some students can't learn from a particular teacher's teaching ways. Many students need to see the big picture first. Other students need to see all the little pieces and then create the big picture from the components. Teachers usually teach one way or the other, leaving many students to learn the material elsewhere or not at all. A tutor cuts through all this and makes that subject meaningful for the student. As a tutor, I teach to the student's learning style. I teach one-on-one at the student's own pacing. Encourage your child to do well with discipline and planned academic activities that you can do together. If you child is falling behind and you feel that he or she could use extra practice with a trained teacher/tutor, I would be most happy to help you with lessons, support and guidance. I have over 10 years experience teaching and tutoring. Encouraging and providing discipline are two key steps that you can do on your own to help your son or daughter. To learn more or to schedule lessons, please contact me, Robert B, through WyzAnt.


A lot of less experienced tutors are afraid to teach the parents how to be effective learning coaches for their children. We as parents need that coaching and learning how to move past the mistakes and skeletons of our childhoods.

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