The Final Push -- Countdown to Summer Vacation!

Summer is almost here. Final exams, projects and standardized tests are the only things standing in the way of VACATION! Are you having a hard time "sticking it out" and making the final push? Are you stressed? Do you really need to pass with a good grade? Do you have something to prove? Are your college plans on the line?

It's called the final push. The time to put aside the child's play and concentrate for your future. You don't have to sweat it. You do have to prepare. A parent, a teacher, an older brother or sister or cousin who has taken similar courses may be able to help you. But, if they can't or you want even stronger academic support, there's nothing better than a tutor who will teach you what you need to know, one to one.

If the thought of having a tutor on a regular basis sounds strange, maybe you could try one session and see if it helps. Every tutor is really just a teacher who is dedicated to just you. Without having to deal with an entire class of students, a tutor can be more effective than your classroom teacher. If you are having a hard time in school or just want reassurance that you will pass your class with an excellent grade, consider a tutor to help you with your final push. With just a few more weeks to go, why not countdown to summer with academic support?

For more information about my tutoring services, please contact me through WyzAnt.



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