Happiness in serving the community!

I am proud to have the opportunity to serve this outstanding community. After moving here a year and a half ago, I didn't have any intentions or plans on what I was going to do. After exploring the area and taking some classes (I love education and will take classes forever). That's when I started to notice the drive in so many students, which is a direct reflection of their past instructors and parents. Of course you have the 10% that are just "there for the C." If you are just there for the C grade, that tells me what your future is going to entail. 1. Not very successful. 2. Knowing that attitude will display on the resume. Therefore, you will not get a call for an interview. An Administrative Assistant would not even waste their time writing a thank you letter. 3. If you happen to fudge a good resume, you will terminated in the interview and not even know it. Now, back on a good note; it is a pleasure to be a part of the community and provide all the services I can to improve all that I can.


Robert S.

Online/Personal Tutor. Avionics & Electronics expertise.

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