Preparation Time

I had my first tutoring experience on Photoshop the other day! Although I had communicated with my client prior to the actual meeting and had found out exactly what I would be expected to teach, everything went quite smoothly. I think it is always a good idea for a tutor to be ready, meaning knowing what is to be expected and already having a method of approach formulated, before the actual meeting with a student. I consider that preparation is what sets myself apart from the rest of the tutors...oops I'm letting out my secret. I also think it's being responsible, for as someone who is getting paid to teach something, you don't want to waste your student's time "thinking" about how to approach the solution.

Just as a school teacher is expected to have class lessons planned out, tutors should have the same attitude toward their students. Being responsible, respect their time, and hope that the students gain something from the time we spend together as a tutor and a student.


Sachiko F.

Ms Multilingual

50+ hours
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