Free Help Math Section

I would definitely like to help out in the Free Help Math Section with tutorials, videos, etc. Some students can't afford to pay for tutoring and that's understandable. Why should they suffer in their classes? I like to see students succeed. When I was going to college, I got help along the way from so many people who didn't charge me. And I am so thankful for that. I wouldn't be here without the help from those individuals. Sometimes I get so involved with helping out the students I tutor that I don't even notice the time because I want so hard for them to understand the content. So if we agree to an hour, and I go over say 10 minutes, I don't charge them for that. Why? Because probably it took me about 10 minutes collectively within that hour to figure out how to solve a particular problem, especially if the math is tough like Calculus. Why pinch pennies. Also, helping them has helped me studying for the GRE. Because as I'm teaching them, I'm learning new ways to solve problems and reviewing what I've learned in the past. The only thing different between us is that I've taken the classes before, seen the problems before. Kids these days are very smart, and if they can succeed to be better than I ever was, then I'm happy. They are our future! Like I said once before when I spoke in front of a group of College freshman. I'll be looking in the future for them to create a Space Hotel in space, so I can vacation in my golden years.

With that in mind, every students deserves a chance to learn. And if they want to, I'm here to help, free of charge or not, I'm here!



ShuJen W.

Math and Science Tutor

300+ hours
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