Tutoring online

Yes, I used to tutor online. I worked for a company where students would go online for help and the tutors would sit in the log queue waiting for the students. Once you accept the students request for help, the tutoring session began. We used a chalkboard type system. They system was governed by senior tutor leads who would sit in on a session or even review your session to make sure the students were getting the best help. It was a great opportunity when I first graduated college and got my full time professional job. I could come home at 3pm and sit logged on waiting for students till 8pm. However nowadays, 10 years later, I have more responsibilities as an Engineer and oftentimes work late. I am also much more busier than ever and hardly ever home. I have a full time job as well as a part time job. I'm taking 3 Chinese language classes, one Arabic class, 2 history classes at the local college, and I travel a lot. So I simply don't have the time to sit by a computer and wait. Matter of fact, once I leave work, I do not touch a computer the rest of the day, unless checking emails on my smartphone. So online tutoring is great if you are a homebody. But if you prefer to be out and about in the world it is not realistic.



ShuJen W.

Math and Science Tutor

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