Accounting and Finance – You Can Do It !

For many students, the title of their course alone can strike fear within them.

Accounting 101, Finance did I get into this? More importantly, how do I get out?

First, realize that the challenge you face in an accounting or finance course is not the end of the world. The fact that you are in college/graduate school speaks volumes about your past accomplishments and what lies ahead. You can survive this course and prosper with it.

Second, understand that you are not alone and others have felt what you are going through. Even for many of us who continued on with additional coursework in accounting and finance, those first courses (and maybe even ones later on) brought a certain amount of discomfort and questioning … why does this not make sense instantly, like other material did?

Third, please realize this material is like learning a foreign language or learning music. Accounting and finance have their own terminology, ways of doing things, concepts, formulas, etc. not encountered elsewhere. You should not feel bad for thinking that you’ve entered some strange world. Literally, you have.

All of the points above can be overcome. Some take learning. Some take time.

With regard to the learning … most college courses move along at a prescribed pace. The course keeps moving even when you’re not ready for it to do so. That’s where seeking out assistance can be to your benefit. The foundation work early in an accounting or finance course is very important. You need this ‘grounding’ to keep moving on successfully. That’s where the experience and teaching capabilities of the right tutor can help you to overcome quickly some earlier stumbling blocks which may be preventing you from understanding current material.

With regard to the time … not everyone learns at the same rate. Even if you are understanding the course material, it may not be coming quickly enough. Let’s face it, some textbooks are not written so well, some teachers don’t teach so well. You can’t control those aspects of your class. You still have to learn the material and perform. So control what you can. Control the time you spend learning by doing it efficiently and effectively. That may involve time spent with a tutor. It may be to your benefit to learn a topic with assistance in an hour, rather than trying to grasp it yourself over a much longer time period.

Whatever your situation at present, believe in yourself and your capabilities. You can understand accounting and finance. You can do this work. You can do it well. Consider reaching out for assistance. Sometimes an opportunity is waiting for you if you take it. Help with your class may be that opportunity. When you’re done, then you can say, “I did it !”


Timothy S.

Finance Tutor - 10 yrs Teaching + 25 yrs Corporate Finance work

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