Don't just study Shakespeare, get a front row seat to a production for free

If you are studying for the AP English Literature test or taking English or Literature in high school or college, you probably have had to study Shakespeare, or perhaps plays from the modern period like those written by Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, or Thornton Wilder. It's not easy to see a production of these plays unless you're lucky enough to be studying at the same time a production os showing nearby. There's nothing like live theatre, but you can see excellent productions of most of Shakespeare's plays as well as productions of plays by modern authors if you have a library card. No, they're isn't a production running in your library's auditorium, but most libraries have electronic services holdings that allow you to download a production right to your computer--and it's free! My local library's electronic holdinngs has two productions of Hamlet alone. Do you like group study? Well, why not download a play, and hold a theatre study session in your home, or in fact, most anywhere. Like all library holdings, you are "borrowing" the video download, but a couple of weeks should be plenty of time view an entire production. And what you can do with your download that you CAN'T do at a live production, is watch it at your convenience, review any interesting or difficult section, or create a schedule according to which acts of the play you plan to watch. I don't recommend popcorn, however. Good playwrights make every word count, and you shouldn't miss any.

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