A Director of Special Education Recommend Me As A Teacher

This is a professional letter of recommendation for me, by the Director of Special Needs at North Central Charter Essential School. It is posted here, word-for-word, at the request of a potential student's parent.


March, 2010
To Whom It May Concern:

This letter serves as a letter of professional reference for Mr. Elwood G. I have known Elwood, since December 2009, when he started volunteering as a member of the Massachusetts Commonwealth Corps at North Central Charter Essential School. I have observed Elwood working directly with a high school student who has moderate to severe cognitive and physical challenges. The student required one-on-one support in preparation for the 10th grade MCAS science assessment as well as extensive support for the student’s senior project research and writing. Elwood was asked to support this student for two hours each day and work under my and a science teacher’s direct supervision.

I observed Elwood being highly organized and structured while preparing teaching materials for the student. He demonstrated not just a strong knowledge in the 10th grade science curriculum content area, but also an innate ability to explain complex processes. For example, I observed Elwood using coins with varying values while explaining the strands of DNA in a very creative, yet clearly understandable way. He exhibited excellent wait-time for the student, who needed to process questions and answers. Elwood was patient, pleasant, and always helpful whether creating flash cards to reinforce memorization of major concepts or editing the student’s research project for the correct grammar and punctuation.

In the past school year, Elwood has become an integral part of the NCCES community. He volunteers for our after-school activities, eagerly supports teachers in their classes, and takes great interest in each and every one of our students. Elwood is dependable, punctual, and professional.

I write this letter in full support of whatever professional course Elwood seeks. He will be an invaluable asset to any program with which he becomes affiliated.

Special Education Director


Elwood G.

MA Cert Teacher in Mathematics, Physics; Specialize in Special Needs

200+ hours
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