Another Teacher Recommends me as a Teacher

I'm posting this letter of recommendation at the request of a potential student's parent. It is a word-for-word copy of the original.


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to recommend Elwood G. for the math and physics teacher position at your school. Elwood served in my math classroom, and in others, as a Commonwealth Core volunteer. As a teacher of eight years, and as the Math and Science Co-Chair, I am impressed with the passion that he approached the job and appreciated his deep understanding of math. He exhibited a desire for our students to truly understand concepts, not just solve problems correctly, and his patience with and dedication to these students was admirable.

"Woody", as he has become known to me and the NCCES community, has shown himself to be committed to our students' success in many ways outside the classroom as well. He volunteered much more time than was required; was instrumental in the creation of a mural in the middle school wing; secured a visit to a veterinarian's office for a student interested in veterinary medicine who wasn't seeing the necessity of learning math; worked one-on-one with a student to create an MCAS-ALT math portfolio; and contributed to the April Math Academy (a week of math classes over April vacation for students that were below grade level).

Woody showed that he was able to take constructive feedback and adapt his teaching style to meet the needs of our students and provided me with insightful feedback about our students' misconceptions and skill gaps. I feel that these qualities make Woody the ideal candidate for your school. I would highly recommend Elwood for the position of math and physics teacher for the 2010/2011 school year. Please feel free to contact me if you need further information.

Math & Science Teacher/Co-Chair


Elwood G.

MA Cert Teacher in Mathematics, Physics; Specialize in Special Needs

200+ hours
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