Know the Vocabulary

In my experience in tutoring, I have found students that are having trouble with Biology and other science subjects, are also having difficulties learning the vocabulary. Once students are familiar with the vocabulary, learning the subject matter becomes much easier. Think of it as learning a foreign language and so practice is a must. You can use flashcards, a vocabulary word and picture bank, and other strategies to learn the vocabulary. Making flashcards can be fun. Use color to make the images more inviting and interesting. Students can use the flashcards to review their vocabulary in a short amount of time. It also can be done individually or with another partner. Reward yourself for a job well done with flashcards! A vocabulary word and picture bank can be completed quite easily at home. Find pictures of vocabulary words on the internet or in magazines and old books. Cut them out and post them on a bulletin board and look at them daily. It's a quick method to learn some vocabulary when you least expect it. Learning vocabulary in the sciences is extremely important in mastering the material, so get started!


Kimberly B.

Superstar Tutor

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