Silly Ways to Remeber Science Concepts

Some students are conditioned to struggle with science because they have "science phobia". Not all, but some ... And I have to agree that the more we learn and the more technological our world becomes, the more scientific information there is to learn and understand. That doesn't suddenly mean that it becomes less fun or that we change the way we go about learning it. Experiments, visual aids, manipulatives, etc. are all still effective tools.

Two of the tools that I like to use are silly mnemonics that the students make up themselves, especially if there isn't one commonly in use (such as Kings Play Chess On Fine Grain Sands - we all know this one...). I find the sillier, the more easily remembered. I also like to find one specific technique that works well for each individual student, such as making their own flash cards, drawing flow charts, listening to their notes on tape, writing questions and answers, doing mini experiments or other learning techniques. Whatever works for that student is what I try to get them to focus on and then we try to make it fun and organized so that they ENJOY using that technique.

For example, I had an adult college student who found that flash cards worked well. I showed her some that had a sticky backing that you could use time and again. She would post the different colored cards in different parts of the house - green on the refrigerator (parts of the cell), blue on the bathroom door (photosynthesis) and yellow on the TV (Osmosis and Diffusion). She would look them over before using each of the household areas/items. Her daughter even got involved and started quizzing her! When she knew the concept on the card cold, she could remove it and stack it until, finally, all the cards were removed and all of the concepts were learned.



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