Making things easy and accessible

I have been tutoring for, at least, ten years. I lecture as litlle as possible. Before teaching the student a way of solving a given problem, I let him try to solve it by any means they can come up with. The objective is to make them think and struggle a litlle so that once I show them an easy technique to do so, they will see how easy it makes things. Ultimately, they will be eager to learn it. For instance, suppose I have a student who does not know how to solve 2x+3=7. I will tell him: you are looking for a number, when you multiply it by 2 and add 3, you get 7. Most of the time they can guess the answer. After they do, I follow up with another one involving fractions and decimal numbers. Usually, they will struggle a litlle more. After that, I do a quick review of addition and multiplication properties and those of their inverse operations. They might know them, but they used them in a different context. This will create a bridge between what they already know and are about to learn and makes them feel less overwhelmed. To make them grasp the importance of learning and mastering the technique. I will give them an example in which they will have to create their equations and solve them. If the lessons being taught is systems of linear equations. After I quickly reviewed solving linear equations, I would give them something like this. Ali has twice as much money as his friend, Alice. Together they have $30. How much money does each of them have? The idea is to make them understand that what they are learning is just a tool, and help them see how the tool could be used. This is just an Example. My focus is to make math easy and accessible. It works. Sometimes, it is not easy to make math less abstract, but it is helpful for beginners. Once more thing, I always start mentioning what the student did right and congratulate them before telling them what their mistakes are. It helps boost their confidence and encourage them to do better. Thanks. Have a nice, peaceful, and productive day.


Elhousseynou K.

Math tutor, algebra, calculus, geometry, from 6th grade to college.

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