Easy Button Match Color Tool in Photoshop for repairs and creativity

We are always looking for that Easy Button in Photoshop where you just click and magic happens. Well the only Easy Button I have ever found was at Staples for $5.99.

There are some things that do work in the Auto Mode with one of them being the Match Color Tool. This is found under Image>Adjustment>Match Color (near the the bottom of the list).

Here is how it works, have a couple of images open, one to correct and one to match it with. Select the soon to be corrected image and go to Match Color. In the bottom section is a box for Image Statistics. Here is where you will pick the Source (the other open image) and even the Layer if you want. Click Ok and you are done. Does a pretty good job of matching up the colors using complicated magic Adobe pixie dust. Bonus Tip...You don't have to use an image from the same session but any image you can find. In fact I have known PS dudes who use images of paintings, other captured images, even abstracts for wild colors.


Bill G.

The Digital Fieldguild to Photography and Photoshop

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