Easy Button for Color Correction in Photoshop

One request I get more than any other is on color correction. Well I will be covering this but first lets start with the most simple way and build up to complex over the next few weeks.

First unless you really understand color values and have faith that no matter how bad your monitor you can do it by the numbers you do need to have your monitor at least up to about 90% correct. There are other lessons on Photoshop 101.5 on that and of course white balance is very important. But I will not harp on that right now. You hear that enough (However it is very important so do it).

So you think you know where the auto color correct button is? Well unless you know the secret Photoshop handshake you would be half right. On both Levels and Curves there is an Auto Correct button but to tell the truth it works only half the time. For a better Auto correct you have to do another click on the Options Button to get to another menu. This is really the Auto Correct the Auto Correct place. You have a number of choices but I have found that the middle (Correct per Channel) and Snap Midtones works best. Plus if you want you can even click on the White/Grey/Black boxes for even a little more kick. By clicking on these you can move your blacks or mid tones into a warmer tone so your images don't look so cool it that is what your camera gives you.

The important box to check is at the bottom. By making this your default when ever you hit the Auto button these will be the corrections that come across. Pretty cool do you say. Now you have a auto color button that will work 8 out of 10 times or at least get you in the ball park. You can always use this as an adjustment layer then fade it back if it looked too extreme with the opacity slider. Didn't make an adjustment before you clicked ok? You can go into Edit and so long has you haven't done anything else you will see Fade Effect. With this you can fade adjustment you just made.


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