The Misalign Move Tool

This week there was a question on building a template for class photos. I posted a rather long post showing how you can do with Photoshop but I do agree that if you have never done anything like this before there is software and templates you can buy which would be a better idea.

However it does bring me to a little Quickie and that is the Move Tool. Found at the very top of the tool bar (see image at bottom) for most of the time it is used for just repositioning a small image or text on a layer. It can be used to clean up composites and templates saving many hours of trying to do it by eye.

If you click on the Move Tool and look up at the top you will see there is more on the menu bar than just a basic tool. On the right hand side are alignment tools for lining up your layer objects. Here is how you can use it. Lets say you have some text layers than need to be in straight line across the template. First select the text layers by either using the Ctrl (Command MAC) key by clicking on each layer or if they are next to each other click on one then holding down the shift key click on the last one.

When more than one of the layers are selected then the icons for Alignment are active. By clicking on them you can line them up by the bottoms, center, or tops. This will work for both horizontal and vertical alignment.

This will also work for images.

Bonus tip...You might have noticed that you can have transform boxes on your image layers by just checking the box about Transform Controls. To me this is more of bother so I don't do this. There is a quick way to use the move tool if you have a lot of layers in an image and don't want to search though the layers for what you want. With the Move Tool active hold down the Ctrl (Command) key and click on your image. If you have a Layer in that spot it will jump to that Layer. So Text or Image you are just a click away.

Have fun and enjoy your 3 day weekend.


Bill G.

The Digital Fieldguild to Photography and Photoshop

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