With Photoshop why bother learning how to use a camera?

As a Photoshop teacher it seems that during a class someone will always ask what is the need for good camera technique? After all it seems that Photoshop can do everything from correcting exposure to cut and paste objects to create a wholly new image. Plus today’s digital cameras are doing more of the heavy lifting that once the photographers had to take into consideration like ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. To that I always ask them back, how much time do you want to spend at the computer correcting problems rather than just playing with Photoshop? It seems that as our digital cameras and programs get smarter we tend to think that these improvements will take the place of creativity and composition. Getting it right in the camera saves more time than all the knowledge and computer skills in the world. It always amuses me whenever I am with a group of photographers and there is one guy who is shooting like a gangster on Valentine Day that keeps saying after ever click of the shutter “I’ll just fix it later in Photoshop.” I know that with each click that he is going to spend 30 to 45 minutes just “Fixing” each of those images before he will even get to the fun part of creation. So does it pay to learn a little more about the camera and how to set up a shot? Yes if nothing else it will mean less time staring at the computer screen doing the same correction over and over again.


Bill G.

The Digital Fieldguild to Photography and Photoshop

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