Photoshop doesn't have to be so hard

I was really amazed to see in the latest edition of the Oxford Dictionary that Photoshop is now listed as a verb. The fact that the dictionary is listing it as a verb is not that amazing but that it took so long to do so. For years we have heard people say “Can you Photoshop this?” or “I bet that was Photoshopped” meaning that the image was changed using Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop has now been with us for twenty years and has been used to not only “fix photos” but to change how we perceive photography now. No longer do we say seeing is believing when it comes to images. Models get thinner on the page and people or things can disappear with just a few clicks. On TV they seem to work magic with blurry images from video cameras in parking garages that in real life are lucky to be able to tell the difference between daylight and night.

So it is no surprise that in class my students are always looking for that one click fix or the easy button for anything they want to do with Photoshop. I am sorry to say that the only easy button I have found was at Staples for $4.99. Photoshop is not a program you can pick up and start to work with right away. Even the consumer friendly Photoshop Elements, while there are some one click fix buttons, is not an intuitive program and surprise not all the one click fixes give the best results.

Finding a class or instructor who can help at least point you in the right direction or help you to understand what all those crazy icons can do is a start. I find that like a musical instrument it is the practice of using the program that will be the biggest help. However it is not “Practice makes Perfect” but “Perfect Practice makes Perfect” meaning learning to do it right will go along way to getting by that sharp learning curve in Photoshop.


Bill G.

The Digital Fieldguild to Photography and Photoshop

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