So I engaged one of my first students as a swimmer yesterday 6/22; and a thought occurred to me. It seems that most parents are afraid to engage a tutor for physical activities such as swimming, archery, shooting, or rowing because it places their child in a situation that they're not sure they'll be able to control. In an "ordinary" tutoring situation they can either attend or ensure that it is in a public or safe place, and really, what poseur/math tutor is going to abduct a child? But when you let your child hop into a pool with somebody, or go to an archery range, or take a kayak out onto a river, it necessitates a certain "release" from the parent, which seems to be difficult.

The solution should be relatively simple, but a lot of people seem to have problems grasping it; accompany your child! If in a pool, place yourself on a deck chair or bench nearby the area where your tutor and child are working; if necessary, get up and move to keep them in your line of sight. Bring a book or a laptop or music, but make sure you're glancing up fairly often to keep track. If archery, well, nothing at all says that you can't stand by the edge of the range, or sit if that's your preference, and watch the show! If kayaking, it's slightly more difficult, but you might just want to pay the price and get tutoring for both yourself and the child, thereby putting both of you in the canoe or kayak.

These are just three examples of activities that parents seem reluctant to engage tutors for, but there are dozens of similar sports and activities out there that have EXPERTS just waiting to help your child improve - if you can bear to let it happen.


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