Sometimes you really do get what you pay for

In the past, standardized test scores were relatively unimportant in connection with the college application process. This has changed. Regardless of college websites and administrators who insist that the decision process is complex and multi-faceted, more and more and universities and colleges are resorting to mathematical computations based on a combination of the student's GPA/Class Rank and standardized test score.

The right tutor can give students a fair shot at getting into a specific college or university by preparing them for the ACT test, and making sure they are armed with the knowledge and understanding that they need to perform at their highest potential. I am passionate about accomplishing this task. If the rate for my services appear at the high end of the spectrum, it is because you will be receiving superior tutoring services. The time and effort that I put into my tutoring services will be evident from the very first session. I look forward to meeting you!


Cynthia M.

ACT Prep/Grammar/Reading/Writing Tutor

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