Online Tutoring - Is It A Good Idea?

Have you ever thought of participating in a tutoring session via online video chat? It seems that our technological advances have forever changed the preconceived notions of how different tasks are completed. For example, entire degree programs at many universities are provided completely online. The students and faculty only communicate via email or the virtual classroom's discussion board. So, how long will it be before tutoring services are effectively provided through Skype, FaceTime, or other online presentation format?

I feel that the use of technology can be a great tool to help students reach more tutors more efficiently. The idea of tutoring without a personal interaction at a public location is quite new. However, if a student is a long driving distance from the tutor that best assists them in their subject matter, it can be greatly useful to have that student and tutor complete their tutoring session over a video chat service so as to best assist the student and provide the tutor with an additional opportunity to serve the students in their area. I am open to using the internet as a means to help students and we should consider the creation of a program that helps identify the needs of the student and the tutor so as to further improve the experience for all parties. Tutoring is about helping a student understand a concept that is difficult or complex; online tutoring can be an additional tool for a tutor to use to further eliminate that difficulty for the student.



Christopher G.

Adjunct Professor and multi-subject tutor

20+ hours
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