Studying In the New Technology Age - The Facebook Effect

Ever been at your computer with the motivation to work on schoolwork, research the topic for your next paper or presentation, and complete the discussion board posts for the week and then find yourself engulfed in social media for hours, having not completed any of the aforementioned tasks? This has been referred to as the "Facebook Effect" and is merely a recognition of technology's increasing grip on our lives as a social respite, resource, and community. However, the effects of such activity usually result in the reduction of productivity, which has also expanded into the professional world. This phenomenon of social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like) has revolutionized the way society interacts with others, including the method of interpersonal relationship maintenance. Our new global society has become a bastion of increased social output, but the cost to this expansive society is the newfound distractions that it presents.

And so, in order to combat this terribly distracting phenomenon, one must be prepared to take steps in order to prevent a productivity reduction. Consider scheduling your study time so as to remain focused on the task at hand. Ensure you take breaks from your studies regularly and include social media as part of those breaks so as to reduce the temptation to check your Facebook account or send out a "tweet" while studying or working on a paper.

How has the Facebook Effect impacted your study time or professional life?



Christopher G.

Adjunct Professor and multi-subject tutor

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