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I provide help in the following subjects:

Reading, Writing, Math and Study Skills

Students spend time on one subject matter, one on one. They are also encouraged to bring materials from school such as books so that the I can see what they are learning in the classroom. Not every public and private school teaches the same material and many also have different techniques, therefore it is important to see what the child is learning.

Spelling- When I work with children on how to spell, I use flash cards as well as have the student use the word in a sentence several times. By writing a sentence, it helps reinforce the word and how it is used.

Reading - Different forms of reading are explored. Usually, I will begin by listening to how the student reads. This provides me with a base as to how to move forward and at what pace. Essay writing is also covered where the student can get more practice in the structure of essay writing. Once the basics are learned to the structure of the essay, then it becomes easier to write about a topic.

Phonics - The student sounds out words he or she may or may not know or needs additional work. Pronunciation of vowels, long and short are discussed and practiced.

Study Skills - Study skills are discussed with the student and parent(s). It is important at a young age to learn to be organized and use time effectively.By developing these skills at a young age, it will dramatically help students in the future, not only in school, but at home as well in future careers. Study skills not practiced at an early age often leads to procrastination and being disorganized.

If your child needs additional help, please contact me to schedule an appointment.


Suzanne S.

Tutor-Help with English/Reading

10+ hours
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