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Benefits To A Tutor

There are many benefits to having a tutor. It provides individual instruction, where a student has the complete attention of a tutor for one or more hour, depending on the length needed. The student is free to ask questions. Sometimes in a school environment, students are afraid to ask questions, thereby hindering their learning.

When tutoring students, I always try to make it enjoyable as the subject matter itself can be quite boring and often distracts the student. I saw this repeatedly while working and always spent my free time thinking of ways to make learning fun. Games, books with pictures (especially for young children) and puzzles were used as other forms of learning.

Students who use a tutor may also find confidence they never had. When a student can perform or master a subject, he or she often see themselves in a more positive light.This in turn breaks down the social barriers among other students and can help in creating new friendships. Other important reasons include receiving the necessary emotional support and having a positive role model which helps to develop their sense of self.

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