"My First Scrapbook"

I affectionately refer to my tutoring student as "my little boy", when I'm at home--due to confidentiality rules of not disclosing personal info about our student's lives. His mom thinks that this name is "so cute, I like that", she said. (Besides, he reminds me of my two sons when they were each 9 years old and in 4th grade!) This week student A. M. already had his awards displayed on our work table for me to see, the minute I arrived. He had 2 patches from Boy Scouts that he had earned for designing his racing car and for participating and placing in the race, plus the second one was for achieving another group level within his troop-which I can't remember the specific name of. I'll record next time. I then took a few pictures of "my little boy" with his mom and when he was reading his homework chapter story aloud. I also presented him with a scrapbook as a motivational award for all of the studying that he does for his tests and for being so attentive to his homework. He is such a diligent student. He studies so much to achieve his grades. He got really excited when I gave him the scrapbook and explained how proud I am of him. He jumped up and down and flashed his famous smile-- while he expressed his thanks and exclaimed that "This is my first scrapbook! I'm going to put my patches in it-until I get them sewed on my shirt, my stories, my awards, everything!"

I had a quick flashback to the time when I got my first scrapbook, at age 10 and I was in 5th grade. I remembered how I couldn't wait to start displaying the things that I had been saving since 1st grade. I still have some "Good Citizenship" Certificates and my first grade class picture, to this very day-- because I saved my special awards, pictures and trinkets from those early days through adulthood, in my various scrapbooks. My scrapbook hobby encouraged me to want to: participate more, to be the best that I could, and earn more awards. Hopefully, "my little boy" will enjoy his 'first scrapbook' and maybe it will inspire him to want to continue to achieve different goals in his life. He can then proudly add and display his awards, articles and meaningful souvenirs in his life's special scrapbooks, too." Hmm, I think it's time for me to add another entry into my current scrapbook! Wonder what I'll do next?!"


Alfreda N.

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