"I Really Love Signing"

It seems as though every week my student has something exciting to tell me about his life. He is involved in many extra-curricular activities. He is a Boy Scout, he takes Karate classes, he goes skating on the weekends, he's an inventor, and he is learning to speak Spanish. I'm sure his list goes on and on. This 4th grader is very driven to achieve. He really wants to do his very best in his studies and he puts his best foot forward to complete all of the work that he is assigned. He explained that once he finishes his homework, right after school, that he takes a break to watch a couple of TV shows, eat dinner and then he gets back to his studies-- because he wants to be able to participate in his other activities! Once we finished our tutoring session, he got his his Sign Language work from his book bag and started showing me the lessons he had learned the week before. He is on his way to being a well-rounded, quite intelligent young man. He me told me that he and his classmates just started to learn how to 'sign' a couple of weeks ago. He has had instructions on: naming foods & common household articles, how to count, the alphabet, telling time, and emotions.

He gets so excited when he's talking with me about his accomplishments and activities. He has NO problems with Language structures! I really enjoy tutoring him. He's keeping me on my toes. He laughingly asked, "Ms. Freda can you sign with me? I'll teach YOU. I love Signing!!" Of course, I had to say "Yes". There was no way that I could have refused. The gleam that was in his eyes just tugged at my heart. (I didn't tell him that I had previously learned Sign Language as part of my Speech Therapy training and that I used it one summer when I worked at the Illinois School for the Visually Handicapped, about thirty years ago!) So now, I'll have to keep my eyes & ears wide open, for sure, when I'm with him.There's no telling what I'll be learning next! "It's never too early or too late to learn", so I've stated on many occasions. We shall see!!!


Alfreda N.

Alfreda C. Nady/ACE RESULTS-Tutoring

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