Student Wins 'Boy Scout' Car Design Contest

The minute I walked into my student's home, he ran to get his wooden, green race car & beautiful trophy that he had won over the weekend. He placed 2nd out of his entire boy scout troop for having one of the best designed cars & for it's speed in finishing their race. He really talked fast & used correct sentences as he excitedly told me how he had drawn his sleek-looking race car, then explained how he carved it out of a wooden block, put wheels on it and painted it too. He was so over-joyed about his winning. He told me also how he had to measure for the size of the car, write about the steps that he took to make it, & that he had to explain his project in front of the group. His mom was beaming just as much as he was!

She is thrilled that he is gaining more confidence in speaking & reading before an audience. She added that her son gave a speech at his church, plus she & other family members couldn't get over the fact that he volunteered to speak "twice" at a recent family function. He wanted to get up a "third" time, & they laughingly told him that he had spoken quite highly of the person already. I was speechless, but I did manage to tell him that I was SO PROUD of him too.He was rather shy & apprehensive about speaking in a group setting & when he was called upon to read in class.Since he has gained more confidence, he smiles a lot more, expresses himself better & is volunteering to read out loud. I look forward to our tutoring sessions just as much as he does-his happiness is infectious!


Alfreda N.

Alfreda C. Nady/ACE RESULTS-Tutoring

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