Happy Student!

Day 1-Student's mom had mentioned to me, over the phone, about some of her son's interests. I wanted to know some background info on his likes & dislikes, especially so I could plan some 'ice-breakers' to use & to be able to include some of the info in our "getting to know you" introductory conversation & activities. We worked on comprehending the 5Ws. For homework, I gave student some wrestling cards to read over stats & history of wrestlers, to increase his understanding of the entities involved in detailing a story or an event. His eyes popped wide open and a big smile came over his face! The look in his eyes said to me "how did you know I liked wrestling?" It was as though I were a magician who had just pulled out a set of magic cards! Once he had a chance to catch his breath, student did say "I love wrestling!" I even gave him a large coloring sheet with some martial arts characters on it to color over the weekend and to make up a story about the picture using 5Ws for next tutoring session. (He also takes Karate classes--mom told me!) Goal is for student to understand : Who, What When, Where, Why & sometimes How and use them appropriately when reading and speaking. On my way out, I heard him say..."Mom, I really like her a lot!" Suggestion: When making initial contact with parent for directions or to set up schedule, take a minute to ask about student's interests & integrate info into introductory lesson. The benefits will work like magic!


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