No Better Feeling

There is nothing more rewarding in a tutor’s life than when the word "Honor Roll" appears on his or her student’s report card! I was checking in on one of my students on a website for Parent/teacher communication, when I clicked on the link of "student progress." What I saw made me jump out of my seat! I have been tutoring this student for a little over 6 months (through the summer) and the difference in his grades amazes me! He really has worked hard. This particular student had failed Freshman Biology when he was in his Sophomore year, and repeated Algebra 1 twice before coming to see me. He is an intelligent kid, but lacked the teacher assistant he needed to succeed. After having a conversation with his parents, they decided to change schools for his Junior year of high school. Now, half way through the first quarter, in more difficult classes, he has a B+ average and is excelling in both math and science! What better feeling is there?


Aubrey H.

Elementary School Tutor: Aubrey

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