How to work differently

If you've read my first post on working differently, your next question may be how to go about doing so. In my view, it's all about organization.

I contend that a well-organized student is automatically at least a C-student. Just the process of recording and tracking all assignments consistently will facilitate absorption of enough subject material to score 70% or better on tests. Factor in credit for homework and other non-test assignments, and it's easy to see how organization is the key. However, getting organized is often the biggest hurdle for students who never learned how, and it is the area I will target immediately for students who are struggling. Even for B-students, a poorly-defined organizational system and/or routine is often what keeps the A out-of-range.

I show students how to manage their life with a planner and how to never miss completing an assignment on time. With consistent parental follow-up, these methods produce surprisingly positive results!



Steve P.

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