Assignments posted on teacher or school websites

Many students have become dependent on managing their homework and study routine via SchoolLoop, BlackBoard, or other teacher-posted website. The problem with this approach is that it transfers the ownership of the workload to the teacher. Students will comment, "My teacher didn't post anything, so I have no homework in that subject."

If students are waiting for an assignment to be posted online, it's a clear indication that they are not very tuned into what is going on in class. The most successful students take it upon themselves to know their assignments by following what's going on in class, and then develop (and therefore own) their own plan to complete the work.

The websites are great for allowing parents (and tutors) the visibility of checking up on what is really going on. I recommend that students only use the online assignment boards in instances where they've missed a class or need to verify details every now and then. Almost every school provides each student with a planner in which to record assignments, and this is still the best way to keep track of work.


Steve P.

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