How to Master the Basics of a Foreign Language - based on scientific research

1) Hear the language spoken by native speakers.
2) Anticipate answers in order to engage in a conversation
3) Focus on essential function words and phrases used in every day life.
4) Practice 30 minutes a day at home. Think in a new language.

*Auditory learning = unconscious learning
(Hearing it used naturally until it sticks)

*3 or 4 repetitions + concepts to permanently store the language in one's memory.
"When you know what sounds right, everything is easy."

Automatically learn


Hi Esther, I agree. Total immersion is the way to go. I am tutoring a student in American Sign Language and she is going to a summer camp at Gallaudet University so I am excited for her!


Esther P.

Simplifying Complexity- Academic Support from an Experienced UCLA Grad

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