Vital Issues Your Series 7 Tutor Should be Guiding You On

This “7’s” questions are designed to confuse in every way imaginable AND in ways unimaginable. Success can be attained by cultivating the calm poise of an Olympian. This includes learning to anticipate challenging questions. Some questions will have no clearly superior answer, but may be testing your ability at choosing between the slightest of nuances. One must never be permitted to be thrown off-balance.

TIME MANAGEMENT. Most important, never permit yourself to be sent into combat endlessly for the best answer. This is NOT a heavily-paid prizefight. The 7 IS an obstacle-laden marathon where momentum must never be lost or the exam won’t have a successful outcome.

Managing your time is a vital part of the 7’s success formula. If an average of 1.6 minutes can be devoted per question, your mind and responses must be of a sprinter running a marathon. "Expensive" questions, IE those you know will take more than 1.6 minutes, must be skipped until after initially completing your current section. Return to it only after completing your current section’s questions AND after the quick, easy questions you didn't originally complete, are done.

GUT INSTINCT. With proper training, you will learn to cultivate in your gut, more than your brain, a feel, an internal guidance system, to decide if an answer is correct. Properly done, your gut will lead you to whether or not an answer is correct

BALANCING YOUR ANALYTICAL FOCUS BETWEEN THE EXTREMES. Another challenge of the 7 is mastering the depth of reading you should use for answering questions. You might think to focus at one depth, but later find out you’ve focused too intently, where the question requires a more simplistic approach. Conversely, you may have focused on too shallow a level, where the question required a more in-depth one. Serious, quality coaching is the only way you will learn to develop a successful gut feel for this.

If this “radar” is never developed, the results can be fatal for your budding career. Developing this feeling is one of the most important benefits superior tutoring can offer for a successful test outcome. Studying the test booklet will not provide this.

THE WALL. Many non-marathoners have heard of The Wall, where at about the three-quarter point, a marathoner’s thinking processes take a vacation from the accumulated stress, unless discipline training to deal with this situation has been created in advance.

Exam takers too, might experience The Wall. You might find your concentration gone. You might keep re-reading a question and find yourself incapable of solving it. You know things are bad when you look at other questions and feel similarly. You might find your mind starting to play tricks on your perceptions. Questions you would normally answer will suddenly seem like a mind game whose solution defies you.

OVERCOMING THE WALL. My years of experience with ancient Chinese rejuvenation techniques can guide you with the edge to successfully get beyond The Wall and master the ability to immediately enter into DEEP focus on demand, regardless of how punchy you feel.

BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL CAREER. The 7 training materials never touch on AFTER passing it and getting your license. What do you need to know to build a successful career? I can help you with this also. It’s vital to know this if you wish to have a successful career.

As a broker, in many cases the sky can be the limit, however if certain well-thought out regulations are not complied with, a highly driven person can be transferred overnight, from the fast track to the dead end track...of prison.

I never had a compliance problem. I was DRIVEN. In one year in a retail office, I sold $100 Million in bonds. Nevertheless, in that same office, more than one person went to prison! It’s your responsibility to build a successful and prosperous career that you and your family can be proud of and not think it’s a fast becoming Bernie Madoff’s next roommate! I can help you stay clean and become prosperous.


Jay N.

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