Important aspects of teaching

I have taught hundreds of students over the years. One thing I have realized is that sometimes when a student is having trouble understanding a particular subject, idea, or problem, that student usually needs to be shown how to do something in a different way. The fact that a student "does not get" something normally doesn't suggest that the student has a disability, is developmentally delayed, or just not as smart as other students.

Every student has the potential to become great learners and each student possesses innate intelligence. I have seen this many times while teaching a class or tutoring a student. When I adapt a lesson plan just a little to accommodate a student's learning style, normally the results I get are positive especially when I see a student's face light up and he or she says, "I get it!"

Another thing I consider when teaching students is that some students are able to absorb information quickly and easily, while others simply need a little more practice. In conventional schools this can be problematic for students who struggle to keep pace with the instruction and might get frustrated because the limited amount of time in class does not always allow for students to get the extra practice he or she needs. That is where tutors become necessary. I have talked to parents who admit that they are concerned about their child because they fear their child is getting behind in school and not able to learn as quickly as the others. An important thing to remember is that if a student is getting behind, a learning disability is not likely to be the reason. As a tutor, part of my job is to try to identify reason why a student is having trouble with a particular subject. From my experience, the more probable reason why students have trouble in math or reading is that the subject matter is introduced in a way that doesn't adequately accommodate a student's learning style. For example, a student may be a visual learner and may get confused when a topic is given in lecture form. I try to adjust instruction so that a student can be given instruction in a topic that best suits his or her learning style.


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