Starting the school year

My top three tips for starting the school year are guaranteed to work for students of ALL ages:

Number 3: Take care of your mind and body! This means eating right, getting enough sleep, outdoor exercising and "quiet time" reading. Reduce the TV/Video/Music time to a bare minimum. If you MUST watch TV, watch the news everyday to keep yourself informed. (Even grade schoolers should know about the News & Weather).

Number 2: Use your computer as a "learningtool resource" - if you don't have a computer discover the public Library. Your focus during the school year is on education and you need to apply maximum resources to that end.

Number 1: Make a PERSONAL CALENDAR and SCHEDULE everything, including time for sleep, relaxation, and outdoor activities. Merge your calendar with the family calendar ("Sync" them every month - this will prevent you from discovering that the day you intended to write your report is ALSO the day Aunt Jenny is getting married!). Be realistic with your time. Even gradeschoolers should have an hour a day for homework and school study. DO NOT schedule your homework at 11PM at night! Be true to yourself and honest in the amount of time you have to do things. Remember that ballet, piano lessons, hockey, whatever take considerable amount of time from your weekends/weeksdays. Schoolwork comes FIRST!



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