I have never written a blog before... ever, so let's see if I can do this right!

Last week has been an exciting and busy week. The beginning of the week started off with me taking the ASVAB cold turkey (no studying). Although I have no real intention of joining the military (I love my work too much!) I wanted to see what the ASVAB was like, and if I did well enough I thought I would offer myself as an ASVAB tutor.

The test was about three hours long, and there was no way to make it any quicker. I finished each section, looked over the answers, and still had about 15 minutes to 20 minutes to spare after each section. I was concerned at first because I thought I was going through it too fast. After all was said and done my test was scored on the spot, and I landed in the 95th percentile! I imagine I could bump that up to the 98th if I studied for those electronic/mechanic questions.

So needless to say, I feel quite comfortable tutoring for the ASVAB... the best way to take this test is by using test taking strategies. For problems where you would expect to take 5 minutes to solve for the answer, you can do it in under 10 seconds if you know what to look for in the answers!

Today I received great news. Of 26 applicants who were interviewed, I landed a job at a very nice private prep school. I am really excited and I get to start tomorrow at the crack of dawn.

Life is good, I do what I love and love what I do. Here is to this week, hopefully working with you.


EXCELLENT! No one would have ever known that this was your very FIRST blog. I thought you did an outstanding job of explaining your ASVAB experience, plus this was a good way to recruit students! Congratulations on your new job @ the private school. I'm sure your students will be very accepting of your seemingly affable personality and teaching style. You were thorough in your presentation details and I really enjoyed your easy reading format. By the way, my son has been in the Navy for 16 years now, and I have heard how so many recruits have struggled with the ASVAB, but you were able to sail right along through it--and even have time left on most sections. In addition--you scored in the 95th percentile! {I assume you failed to mention to us that you had previously been invited to join MENSA!!} Good luck & keep writing.
Very cool, Jacob! Thanks for sharing.


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