Free Programming Help

If you want to learn how to program but are getting overwhelmed by the number of options as well as the various wordings in programming language, there is a free program called StencylWorks ( that simplifies the coding language by using blocks to visually show the coding instead of the standard typed languages.

A friend of mine has really taken to StencylWorks and is working on a set of tutorials for it. She also offers free help for using StencylWorks through her livestream.

If you want to learn how to program, this is a great place to start. You can branch off from Stencyl into Actionscript 3 (the current major programming language for flash) and from there can tackle the basics in most languages.


FYI, she is no longer hosting the livestream, but you can find a dozen of her tutorials on @gd: If you make it as a flash program, then it can be done in Stencyl. I would need to have more details as to what you want it to do first. If you need the user to input the numbers, then VisualBasic is probably a better tool to use.


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