Studying to Prepare for a Major Test

When a student is going to sit for a major exam such as the GRE, ACT, Compass, or others, it is imperative that the student make preparation for that test a major priority in their life for the time being. Careful preparation and study will definitely lead to higher scores, and contrariwise, slipshod and hurried cramming will not get the job done. Acquiring a high score will require thinking, concentration, note taking, problem working, reading, choosing among possible answers choices, and an understanding of how each major test is set up. Should the student guess or not guess at an answer? Should the student answer EVERY question, or is it okay to leave some blank? How will writing exercises be scored? These questions are answered in the Study Guides which have been prepared for each exam, and students should avail themselves of a Study Guide as soon as possible, and then read it from the beginning. It will be tempting to just take the sample tests in the Study Guide. However, by reading the introductory material, many hints can be garnered about how to approach the various types of test questions. Therefore, it is best to devote time to studying and learning how each test should be approached.


Judy L.

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