The Color Wheel

Working with an outline of the Color Wheel which shows the primary and secondary colors can be very fascinating and relaxing for students, even high school students. When they realize that there are only 3 primary colors, red, yellow, and blue, and that other colors are made by a mixture of these 3 colors, and they see this on a color wheel which they actually color themselves with colored pencils, the students' minds expand a bit, and this is very important. Such an activity can be used when a student seems uninterested in another topic, or when the hour is nearly over, or even at the beginning of the session, to "get things started." A furtherance of the color wheel would be to draw a picture using only the 3 primary colors, or to use only complimentary colors. A lot can be taught to the student about color and about art and how to produce a pleasing art project by using the simple color wheel.


Judy L.

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