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Variety in Lessons

Using variety in lessons is a valuable technique. Variety holds the element of surprise for students, catching them off guard, and letting them approach a topic in a new way. Variety in presentation lets students see beyond what has been presented in the classroom. It also holds the student's interest over time, since they will never know quite what to expect. Adding variety can help to create new neural pathways in the brain of the developing student, broadening the student's knowledge base. One way to introduce variety in lessons is to incorporate an art activity, or perhaps to construct a graph or table of data. Another way is to use an alternate textbook or workbook as a supplement. The tutor can print out worksheets or activities and have them ready when the student arrives. A guest can be invited to the tutoring session, someone who can speak about the topic such as in science, or give instruction in math, for instance. It could be a person who has traveled to a place the student may be studying about who might come to talk for a few minutes about that place, or to bring photographs. The guest could visit for a few minutes, just a part of the tutoring hour. And how nice it would be if the visiting guest were to bring a little take-home item or gift for the student, a souvenir of the lesson. All of these methods can add variety to the tutoring hour.