Stormalong - 4th Grade Vocabulary Video

I tried something new tonight. I exported a Keynote presentation into a Quicktime video and uploaded to WyzAnt.

In the description, I wrote that this is the third presentation, but I list three other presentations as well. Of course I'm aware that three plus one equals four. However, what I should have stated is that while we (my son and I) created a total of four presentations, only three have bells and whistles, so to speak. I included the names of all the presentations in case someone would like any of them made into a Quicktime video.

A complete list of presentations, with and without bells and whistles:

The Power of W.O.W!
How Tia Lola Came to Stay
My Brother Martin

My rationale for creating a Keynote presentation in the first place is based on the way my son learns: he's a visual learner. He didn't do well on his first vocabulary test, so I felt creating a presentation, with his help, would improve his recollection of the vocabulary words and their meaning. It worked! He missed only one vocabulary word following the creation of our first presentation.

If it worked for us, why not someone else?

Hopefully Stormalong will post soon and I will be able to edit the description to avoid any confusion. Until then, this will have to suffice.


Tina J.

Patient and Creative Pre-K through Fourth Grade Tutor

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