Is Organization Overrated

I bet that got your attention. There are many tools available to improve study skills, from color coordinating items to graphic organizers. Yet, none of these tools can truly improve study skills if organization is lacking.

If homework is forgotten at school, stuffed among other, less important papers inside a book bag, or folded up and shoved in pocket, color coordinating and graphic organizers won’t help. So what’s the first step in achieving organization? The student planner.

The Student Planner

Most schools give each student a planner. It’s free. Use it. As you move from subject to subject, write down homework assignments under the appropriate day and subject. If you’re a student who misplaces handouts, fold them and put them in your planner. If your planner doesn’t have a spot to hold handouts, use a paperclip.

Your student planner should be the first thing you put in your book bag at the end of the day and the first thing you take out when you get home.

Forget Your Books?

Of course, you’ll still have to remember which books to bring home with you. Use your planner to remind you of this, too. Put a star next to the subject as a reminder to bring home the book for this subject.

If your books are in your desk, pull them out at the end of the day and place them on your desk ready to put in your book bag. If your books are in a locker, before you start talking to your friends, grab the books you need and put them in your book bag.

Smart and Painless

When you get home, your homework will be neatly written in your planner, as will any handouts you need to complete.Now there’s no excuse for homework forgotten at school or messily stuffed in a book bag – or worse – washed in a pair of pants. And it didn’t cost a thing, except maybe a paperclip. Is this overrated? No. It’s smart (and perfectly painless).


Tina J.

Patient and Creative Pre-K through Fourth Grade Tutor

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