It's Important to Practice!

Like many other subjects, learning a new language needs some practice!

Find somebody to speak French with you every day as a routine. If nobody is around write a few sentences. To train your ear, listen to a French radio station to get "the music" of the language. Watch a movie and set the French audio on with English caption eventually. You can also follow up with what's going on in the world by watching the French news (on TF1 or France 2 on the internet) even if it is only for a few minutes.

Whatever you will do will get you closer to your goal because you will be practicing! If you don't apply what you learn it will fade away. Practicing is like an internship. It extends your knowledge and bring more certainty to it.

You think you don't know enough, or you are missing some vocabulary? Use what you know, keep it simple, search in your materials, make mistakes!, remove all the seriousness of the process and have fun!

You usually know more than you think but you have not been using it yet! Start!!

Contact me if you need any help... :-)



Sylvie G.

Native French Speaker with 18 Years Experience-French SAT and AP Coach

1000+ hours
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