Summer 2012

This has been a great summer!

I recently found out that one of the great kids I tutored in Geometry last school year got a 96 on his final exam! I could not be more proud!

For the second summer in a row now, I have tutored math to prepare my students for the upcoming school year. I have come to realize that the best way to help get the material across to my students is through games. Both summers I have managed to come up with many different games that tie right in with the material which we are covering and they all make a huge difference in how well the student understands the concepts.

Not only do my students have fun while learning, but I have to admit that I have just as much fun making up the games and playing them with the students!

I am all geared up for this coming school year and can’t wait to get my students started off on the right foot!


Ashley N.

Mathematics Tutor

500+ hours
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